My New Roommate

    I had just moved into a new apartment, right in town, from the suburbs.  It was a slightly smaller, two bedroom apartment, with only one bathroom.  Erynn was my new roommate, she was in her early twenties and worked as a teacher at the local school.  She was petite in frame, with a shapely ass, firm B cup breasts, short cut blonde hair, and bright blue eyes framed in her freckled face.
    Erynn’s job didn’t leave her much free time, she was in school seven hours a day, and then when she got home she had papers to grade all evening.  I worked a pretty normal nine to five job, so we had to share the space in the apartment in the evenings.  Usually Erynn would set up in the living room and grade papers in front of the television while I sat in my room on the computer.  Occasionally we would share a dinner or watch a show together, but for the most part we tried to give each other as much space as we could in the small apartment.
    We did manage to bump into each other though.  There were occasions where one of us would need to use the bathroom or the kitchen but the other already was.  Neither of us were dating anyone at the time, but every now and then my friend Laura would come over for a few hours.  Laura was dating someone else, but would sneak away to see me after work and we would fuck as much as we could before she’d have to get home.  As such our sex was always straight forward, no fooling around, we would just fuck each other hard and fast.
    Laura would make a lot of noise when we were together, and so we tried to plan our evenings together when I knew that Erynn wouldn’t be home.  One night Erynn was having a parent/teacher meeting and was going to be home late, so Laura came over.  We spent about two hours in my bedroom sucking, licking, eating, and fucking.  When finished and got dressed, it was time for Laura to get home before her boyfriend became suspicious.  Upon leaving the bedroom though we realized that my roommate was home.  There was music coming from Erynn’s room and light shone out from under her shut door.  I quickly showed Laura out and then slipped back into my bedroom.
    Erynn didn’t say anything to indicate that she had heard, but I started to notice some odd occurrences after that.  First, she would tell me that she wasn’t going to be home on certain nights or until a certain time, and then she would end up “cancelling” or “getting done early”.  The result was that I would be with Laura on those nights and when we were done Erynn was in her room, door shut, with music playing.
    The next thing was accidentally catching Erynn changing.  I got home early from work, spent some time messing around on my computer, and then as I was coming out of my bedroom I heard a noise.  Looking over I saw the door to her bedroom open and Erynn was standing there in front of her mirror naked from the waist up.  Her breasts were hanging bare in front of her and her pink nipples were poking out hard.  I had only a moment to look before she saw me.  Embarrassed she grabbed her shirt next to her and held it to her chest, covering up, and gave a small squeak of surprise.  I mumbled an apology and went to the kitchen.
    Then about two weeks later we had a similar incident.  I got home from work, didn’t see her around, and went into my room to use the computer again.  Once there I could hear the shower running and realized that Erynn must be in there.  After a few minutes though I forgot about it and headed out to the kitchen to get a drink.  As I was coming out of my bedroom Erynn was walking by, halfway down the hall, heading toward her bedroom.  Erynn was completely naked, no towel, no clothes, nothing; her wet hair hanging against her body.
    We were both completely surprised.  For a minute we just both stood there, she was staring at me unable to move and I was staring at her, admiring her body.  She had a nice tan, freckles running down her chest, and small, neatly trimmed patch of blonde hair above her pussy.  Neither of us knew how to react, but Erynn moved first to cover herself.  One arm darted across her chest, covering her breasts, and her other hand shot down to cover her pussy.  Again I mumbled an apology and turned immediately back into my bedroom while she ran the rest of the way down the hall and into her bedroom.
    The final odd occurrence was a month after that.  Laura and I went out one evening while her boyfriend was out of town.  I got home late and when I came into the apartment Erynn was asleep on the couch in the living room.  There was a small blanket thrown over her, but she had obviously been shifting and I could see that she had on a small tank top and some short shorts.  Her bare legs and feet were draped across the pillows at the bottom of the couch.  I must have disturbed her when I came in because she shifted and awoke.
    I apologized for waking her up as I made my way to my bedroom.  When I came back out a few minutes later she was sitting up on the couch, the television still going.  We shared some drinks and talked a bit, but after about an hour she fell back asleep.  Erynn shifted a bit in her sleep and stretched her legs out across my lap.  I turned to look and the blanket had crept up so that it was barely covering her stomach but mostly on the floor.  Her breasts were hanging to the side, pushing against her top, and her shorts had started to ride up.
    Her clothes were stretched tight and I just watched her for a while, the television forgotten, enjoying the look of her body in the now tight clothing.  Erynn was shifting a lot, and I wasn’t completely convinced that she was asleep, but I didn’t say anything for fear of waking her anyway.  After one particular shift she drew one of her legs back off my lap and tucked it up toward the middle of the couch.  The result was that her legs were almost completely spread, her shorts pulled to the side, and I could see up one of the legs of her shorts.  Erynn wasn’t wearing any panties and I could see half of her pussy framed by some of her blonde hair.  I started breathing more quietly and didn’t dare move, afraid to do anything that would wake her.
    For nearly five minutes she lay like that, one leg braced against the back of the couch and her other leg stretched across my lap.  I just stared at her pussy though, her blonde hair framing the one puffy lip that I could see.  There was even a glistening of moisture around the edge, either she was sweating or she was slightly wet.  More than anything at that moment I wanted to touch her, but I didn’t dare for fear of waking her up and getting caught.
    Then Erynn shifted again.  This time she twisted her torso slightly, one of her arms brushing her chest as she did, and the motion caused her top to fall aside slightly.  One of her nipples was now poking around the side of the tank top, and her breasts were pushed together forming some amazing cleavage.  I took advantage of her movement to put one of my hands on her leg, the one on my lap, softly placing my palm just above her ankle.  She didn’t move or wake up, so I decided to press my luck.  Slowly, inch by inch, over the course of minutes I moved my hand higher on her leg.
    I stopped just past the mid point of her thigh, holding my hand steady, unable to move the last few inches toward her pussy.  Her leg was really warm, her entire body radiated heat, her cheeks flush and red, but she seemed deep asleep and oblivious to everything.  After another ten minutes during which neither of us moved at all, Erynn took a deep breath, stretched her arms, rolled over, and started waking up.  Quickly I looked back at the television, pretending that I’d been watching it the whole time.  Nothing else happened that night, Erynn quickly went off to bed and I soon followed suit.
    The following night then when I got home from work Erynn was sitting in front of the television grading papers.  When I walked in she said, “Hi.  When you get a chance we should talk”.  It sounded ominous, but I agreed once I’d had a minute.  I rolled over the possibilities of what she wanted to talk about as I went into my room, put down my stuff, and started to change out of my work clothes.
    I’d only managed to get my shirt, shoes, and socks off when Erynn poked her head into my room.  “Can I come in?”, she asked looking at me as I stood there with my pants unbuttoned and unzipped, my boxers peaking out from underneath.  She came in without waiting for an answer.  I stopped changing, buttoning my pants back up to keep them from falling off, and turned toward Erynn so we could have our conversation.
    Erynn was sitting on the bed, wearing a tank top and short shorts like she’d had on the night before, the outfit was one of her favorite to lounge around the house in, and she had a beautiful body so I didn’t complain.  “I want to know how you do it”, she started off.  I didn’t know what she was talking about.  “I’ve heard you and Laura.  She makes a lot of noise, so she’s obviously enjoying herself.  How do you do it?”
    I blushed a bit.  Laura was dating someone else, but she wasn’t sexually satisfied with that relationship.  Hence the only thing between Laura and I was the sex, there was nothing else complicating things, so when we were together we went all out with our fucking.  As I was explaining this Erynn sat back on my bed a bit, her hands on the bed behind her, and she spread her legs around the corner of the bed.  The position made her top and her shorts tight on her, just as they were the night before.  I asked her why she wanted to know.
    “Well, it’s just… umm…”, she was hesitant about something and she was starting to blush.  “I’ve never orgasmed like that before.  I mean that hard”.  There was a momentary pause, I didn’t know what to say or what she was getting to.  “When I hear you, I’m in my room alone, and I… uh…”, Erynn trailed off, but I could guess what she meant.  I said it as a question.  “Yes”, she confirmed, “I masturbate when I hear you”.
    I asked her long it had been since she’d had sex, to which she answered, “Just over a year.  My last boyfriend, before I moved here”.  We talked a bit about how her sex life had been and I was getting turned on from the conversation.  Erynn kept shifting on my bed as we talked, and slowly the conversation came to my sexual experiences.  As I was describing the things that I had done she grew more curious.
    Then I noticed there was a wet spot on her shorts, right where her pussy was, obviously Erynn was getting turned on too.  So I confronted her about the odd occurrences that I had noticed and she confessed to having set them up, that she was trying to flirt with me.  The sexual energy was palpable as I went over to the bed and sat down next to her.  She was obviously nervous so I leaned in and kissed her.
    Her lips were incredibly soft, and we held the kiss for a minute before I pulled back.  I told her that before we went any farther she would have to agree that it was just physical, that there were no expectations beyond the physical, and that she’d have to be okay with me continuing to see Laura.  Erynn was so worked up by that point I don’t think she could have said no even if she had wanted to.  Once she agreed I kissed her again, and this time there was no holding back.  Our tongues explored each others mouths, eagerly dancing with each other as our lips rubbed.  I started massaging her breasts through her tank top and I could feel that her nipples were already hard.
    I moved myself around and off the bed so that I was kneeling in front of her, Erynn leaned down slightly to keep our kiss as I moved.  Once in position though I broke the kiss, leaning back from her a bit.  I grabbed the bottom of her tank top and slowly lifted it over her head, revealing her naked breasts.  Leaning in I put my mouth to one of her breasts and rolled my tongue around her nipple causing her to let out a soft moan.  Next I traced my tongue across her chest to her other breast and kissed her nipple, sucking it into my mouth.  At the same time I was massaging the first breast, pinching the nipple gently between my fingers.
    Erynn was moaning softly at this point, so I moved lower, working my way down her stomach.  I gently pushed her back until she was laying flat with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed.  She kept her head propped up slightly so that she could watch me.  The look in her eyes told me that she was on fire so I gently slid my hands inside the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down.  Again she blushed as I moved the shorts past her knees and then off her ankles, she was now laying completely naked before me.
    Trying to calm her embarrassment I told her how beautiful she looked, how much I liked her body, and how I couldn’t stop thinking her after I caught her coming out of the shower.  That combined with gently rubbing my hands on the inside of her thighs seemed to calm her down, or at least distract her.  I was still on my knees, now between her spread legs, and I could see just how wet her pussy was.  Leaning forward I kissed the inside of her right thigh, moving toward her pussy in a slow series of kissing, sucking, and licking.
    When finally my mouth reached her clit Erynn was emitting soft, constant moans.  Using my one hand I spread her puffy pussy lips revealing her clit, while I raked the fingers of my other hand through her blonde bush.  Then my tongue made contact with her and Erynn practically came up off the bed.  She was dripping wet and had obviously been aching for the touch, so her moaning increased in volume as I licked back and forth over her clit.  At the same time I was using one hand to massage her thighs and the area below her pussy, while keeping her lips spread with the other.
    Erynn had her first orgasm within a couple minutes, and while she was moaning loudly, it was not as loud as I knew she’d get.  It seemed that she was use to only have one orgasm from being eaten, because as soon as she was done cumming she slid farther up on the bed and tried to sit up.  I stayed with her though, not letting her dripping snatch get too far from my hands or mouth.  “What are you doing?”, she asked shyly as I gently pushed her back down.
    Not bothering to give her an answer I just put my mouth right back on her cunt and sucked her clit between my lips.  She started cumming again right away, moaning louder, even squeaking a bit in surprise.  When I stuck two fingers in her pussy though she gave a short grunt and then one loud moan, sounding surprised.  I held her clit between my lips, flicking it with my tongue, while I worked my two fingers in and out of her.  Erynn was cumming hard, I guessed harder then she ever had.
    For at least a solid minute Erynn moaned, arched her back up off the bed, and wiggle her hips at me.  The whole time I stayed with her, trying to keep my fingers inside her and my lips and tongue working over her clit, using my free hand to hold onto her hip as much as possible.  When she finished cumming she was out of breath, really breathing heavy, her head thrown back looking around, so I backed off a bit and gave her a minute.  I just lay there on my stomach, gently rubbing the inside of her thighs, watching her recover.
    I asked her how she was doing.  “I’m really sensitive”, she said breathily.  “Oh my God!  I’ve never…”, she hesitated, “felt like that before”.  When I asked her to be a bit more specific she said, “My orgasm… it’s never been that… umm, intense”.  We both smiled when she said it, and I started to move my hand back to her clit.  My intention was continue eating her out, but she shot down a hand and grabbed my wrist, holding me firm.
    “Oh no.  Don’t do that.  I don’t think I can take any more”.  So I asked her what she wanted instead.  “I uh… don’t know.  I just feel too sensitive right now”.  I knew that she’d want a good fucking now, all woman do after getting eaten out really well, but I wanted to hear her say.  To have her say it would only excite her more, pushing her farther in the direction she was looking for, but she didn’t know that yet.  So I told her that if she didn’t know what she wanted I was going to do what I wanted.
    “Ok”, she replied.  Without warning her I shot my head right back down and shoved my tongue into her pussy.  A loud moan escaped her and she let go of my wrist completely surprised.  Taking advantage of the opportunity I moved both my hands toward her snatch.  With one hand I rubbed her clit, accompanied by my tongue buried and wiggling in her pussy.  The other hand was the one that I’d fingered her with earlier, so it was still slick with her juices.  That hand I moved to her asshole, and using her own pussy juice plus my saliva that was running down between her legs, I started massaging it.  “Oh no!  Oh don’t!  Oh God!”
    Erynn was breathless, and moaning uncontrollably.  She tried to pull back away from me, surprised at what I was doing, and extra sensitive at this point, but unfortunately she had nowhere to go anymore.  So I ramped things up, pushing her over the edge into another orgasm.  The convulsions of her body kept her from moving away, she was literally trapped in her own orgasm.  I continued to push my tongue into her pussy, exploring between her folds, as I rubbed both her clit and her asshole.
    “Aaaa!  Fuuuck!”, she was literally screaming now, loud and clear.  Her orgasm was shorter than her previous two, but definitely stronger.  When she finished cumming she tried, at the same time, to both collapse and pull herself back so she was sitting up.  Recognizing that she was beyond sensitive and that anymore would probably be uncomfortable for her, I let her go.  She managed to get into a half seated position, collapsed back against the pillows and the head board.
    Her chest rose and fell as she caught her breath.  I stood up and watched her breasts rise and fall.  Again I asked her what she wanted, with the threat that I would do whatever I wanted if she didn’t know.  “I want to have sex”, Erynn replied.  I assured her that’s what we were just doing, and we could do more of that if she wanted.  “Oh no!  No… I uh…”, she was fighting to find the words.  As she blushed she said at barely more than a whisper, “I want to fuck”.
    Standing there in plain view of her, letting her watch, I slowly removed my pants and then my boxers.  My cock was already hard, sticking straight out in front of me.  She actually licked her lips a little bit when it sprang free, and as I climbed onto the bed next to her I asked her again what she wanted.  A little louder this time she responded, “I want you to fuck me”.
    Erynn was still sitting back against the pillows and headboard, so I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her down on the bed a little bit to get her closer to me.  Once she was laying down flat again I moved up between her legs, settling on my knees so that my cock was sticking out directly over her pussy.  I had to make my cock slick enough to slide inside her with little effort, so I pushed down on my cock with one hand and spread her pussy lips with the other.  She jumped at the touch of my hand, and as I wrapped her lips around my hard cock, I started using the motion of her body to slide back and forth.
    The head of cock would push between her pussy lips, followed by the length of my shaft, as I used her juices to slicken myself.  It was working too, she was really wet.  “Oh God…”, Erynn moaned as the head of my dick made contact with her clit, “What are you doing?”  She was started to breath heavily again.  “I’m so sensitive… I can’t take that… Oh God…”.  Her whole body shook slightly, it was short, but I think she had a smaller orgasm just from the feel of my cock sliding through her pussy lips.
    “I told you what I wanted… oh God…”, she was breathing heavily again and wiggling her body.  She was really enjoying herself, but I decided to tease her a bit more.  So I explained what I was doing, but I still asked her what it was she wanted.  Between breaths she replied, “Inside me… I want you… inside me”.  Teasingly I slipped just the head of my cock inside her, holding it still.  Erynn tried to wiggle herself down to get more of me inside her, but I moved with her to keep just the head inside.  “Oh God!”, she said almost painfully, “You’re just teasing me.  Fuck me already”.  She was getting louder, “Stick your dick in me.  Fill me up.  Fuck me”, the last was practically a scream which I cut off by shifting my weight forward and slamming the whole length of my cock into her.
    She screamed instantly, loud moans coupled with a yell, and her body jerked up against me.  Erynn was cumming, pushing herself hard against me, and trying to keep my cock deep inside her.  I leaned up on my arms, holding myself up over her, and the shift cause me to push deeper inside her.  Once I was comfortable I started pumping in and out of her.  Her orgasm continued, she just kept cumming as I lifted up and then fell back down into her.  Our bodies would slam together with a smack and Erynn would exhale with a grunt, then I would pull out and she would moan.
    “Oh Fuck!  Oh Fuck!  Oh Fuck!”, she chanted as we fucked.  We were sliding up the bed from the force of our sex, so Erynn reached up one hand and pushed against the headboard, trying to hold herself in place.  Her moaning and screaming was getting louder, her orgasm was building.  Soon she would hit a new level, something I guessed she’d never experienced, and that was an orgasm leading into another, stronger, orgasm.
    Intent on doing this for her I picked up my pace and started fucking her faster.  Her moaning increased in volume, and then her whole body shook violently.  “FUUUCK!”, Erynn yelled and threw her other arm up to brace herself against the headboard with both hands.  I sat up a bit, grabbed both her hips, and held onto her as I started slamming into her harder.  She arched her back, pushing herself up with her legs, holding herself off the bed so that her pussy was right on level with my cock.
    Erynn’s screaming and moaning continued, growing louder by the second, and then she came.  “FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!”  As her body rocked back and forth her tits bounced, her head was pushed back into the pillows with a look of tight concentration on her face, and her arms were stretched tight against the headboard.  And for at least a minute she was completely lost in the throes of her orgasm, her body out of her control.  Erynn had gone from one orgasm right into another, and her second one was much stronger, probably stronger then she’d ever had.
    Finally she collapsed back onto the bed, falling off my dick, completely out of breath.  The last of her orgasm shook itself out of her body, she brought her arms down and crossed them under her breasts, hugging herself as she again caught her breath.  I fell onto the bed next to her, our bodies against each other, and she looked me in the face and smiled contentedly.  “That’s amazing”, she breathed softly, “I’ve never felt that.  I didn’t think that was possible”.
    When I told her that I wasn’t done she looked surprised.  She glanced down at my cock, still hard, which was glistening with her juices, and then our faces met again and she smiled.  I asked her what she wanted to do next and she responded by rolling over and getting up on her hands and knees.  “This has always been my favorite position.  Let’s see what you can do with this”, she said as she wiggled her ass.
    I got up on my knees and moved around behind her.  Erynn’s pussy was still dripping wet, so I slid into her easily.  In one thrust I buried myself completely.  The feeling of her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock was amazing, so I told her how tight she felt.  “That’s cause your cock’s so big”, she whispered over her shoulder at me.  “I love the feel of it inside me, it feels so good…”, she trailed off into moans as I started thrusting in and out of her.  I leaned forward, putting my hands on either side of her, changing the angle of my entry a bit.  My chest was rubbing against her back, and she turned her head slightly so that we could kiss.
    After one long kiss, our tongues tangling with each other, I pulled back slightly and kissed the back of her neck.  She shivered slightly as I did, so I kissed the side of her neck, and then worked my way across her shoulder.  “Enough of that”, she said, “No sweet stuff, just fuck me”.  Erynn pushed back against me, bucking her hips slightly, so I gave her what she wanted.  I got back up on my knees, grabbed her hips, and started pounding into her.
    Immediately she started moaning, screaming, letting out one loud moan, “Aaahhh…”.  I fucked her with as much vigor as I could, really gripping her hips and pulling her toward me as I shoved myself into her from behind.  Our bodies would slap together, the force causing her ass to shake and her head to bounce, and then I would pull out of her quickly only to thrust back in right away.  She started cumming again, her loud moans only interrupted by the force of our bodies slamming together.  I didn’t let up though, I kept hammering myself into her relentlessly, trying to make her cum as hard as she had before.  Erynn was clamping her pussy down against my cock, gripping it tightly, and the sensation was amazing.
    I could only keep it up for a minute though before I had to break stride, slamming deep into her pussy and holding myself there as I repositioned.  She was still bucking against me, humping her hips up and down, working my cock in and out of herself slowly.  Snaking one hand underneath her, I slid it slowly down toward her pussy.  “Oh God.  Oh God”, she moaned as I got closer and closer to her clit.  And then when my fingers made contact she screamed, “Oh Fuck!”  Her body arched up and her hips came down, forcing my cock deeper inside of her.
    Erynn’s moans had escalated again into screams of joy, as I rubbed her clit while holding my cock deep inside her pussy.  Her entire body spasmed, her arms collapsed out from underneath her, and her head fell into the pillows again.  I could sense that she was getting use to the sensation, that her orgasm was subsiding, so I decided to try and push her back over the edge again.
    Wiggling my cock in and out of her slightly, holding my hand against her clit seemed to keep her on the edge, but I was just using it to distract her.  I took my other hand and placed it on her ass cheek, and then put my thumb against her asshole and started massaging.  “Oh fuck… Oh Fuck… OH FUCK!”, she yelled, the volume rising each time.  The sensations of her clit being rubbed, her pussy being fucked, and her asshole being massaged were too much, her orgasm exploded beyond what she’d had before.
    She reached up with both hands and grabbed the top of the headboard, using it to hold herself off the bed.  Once up she started rocking her body back and forth, the motion causing my cock to slip in and out of her.  All I could do was hold on, one hand rubbing her in front and the other behind as she fucked herself on my cock.  Erynn fucked me with the same force that I’d fucked her a minute before.  As she continued to cum I heard her chanting, “My pussy loves your cock.  My pussy loves your cock”.
    I couldn’t hold out anymore.  With two fingers holding onto her clit, my thumb wiggling against her asshole, and my cock thrusting into her pussy, I started cumming.  Erynn’s chants turned into screams of delight as she orgasmed from the feel of my cock pulsing deep inside her.  I pushed forward as hard as I could, getting myself as deep as possible inside her cunt, as I emptied myself.
    When my balls were emptied, and I had stopped spasming, I leaned forward again using my arms to hold myself over her.  She turned her head back and we kissed, tongues entangling.  I just held myself inside her, my chest rubbing against her back, and then she fell forward on the bed.  Our bodies separated and I fell onto the bed next to her.  After a few minutes I asked her how she was feeling.  “Oh my God!”, she said enthusiastically, “I’ve never felt anything like that”.
    Erynn was smiling, laying on the bed, hugging herself.  She rolled over a bit and laid her head on my shoulder.  We snuggled for a bit and talked about what she had experienced, all the while planning for our next encounter.  It was quite an interesting year with my new roommate.

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