Massage Therapy

    My doctor had recommended therapeutic massages for my condition, to help me relax and to help ease my muscle pain.  I was uncomfortable with the idea of going to a spa though, so I talked to a friend of mine and she recommended a massage service that comes to your home.  She seemed rather enthusiastic about it, smiling big when she told me about them.  My husband thought it was a good idea, whatever made me comfortable and helped me out he said.
    So I called them up and asked for one therapist to come to my house, scheduled a date, and then they asked me if I preferred a female or a male.  I hadn’t thought about it, “Male”, I said unsure.
    “And what type of massage were you looking for?”, the receptionist asked me.
    I hadn’t thought about that either, so I asked, “What are my choices?”
    “Swedish, Full Body, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Aromatic”.
    Relaxation sounded exactly like what my doctor had ordered, so I asked for that.  They told me the price, and that was it.  All I had to do was wait.
    The following day I cleared a space in the living room, knowing they’d be setting up a massage table, and took a shower right before the appointment.  I was drying off from the shower when the doorbell rang, I was running a little late and they were running a little early.  So wrapped my hair up in a towel, wrapped a towel around myself, and ran down to get the door.
    On the other side of the door was a gorgeous man, well built body, great smile, warm eyes, tanned skin, and a soft voice.  “I’m Brad”, he introduced himself, “You must be Mrs. Wilson?”
      I’m a petite woman, and I was a little intimidated to let him in when I was alone.  But he showed me his business card from the massage company, he was carrying a folded up table in a bag, and had a backpack with him.  Still a little unsure of the whole massage thing, I let him in and showed him to the living room where he began to set up his table.  We had a short conversation about it being my first massage, and what I needed it for.
    “Um… I’m going to go upstairs and get changed, I’ll be right back”, I said.
    “Oh, there’s no need for that”, he said smiling.  “I’ll cover you with a towel for the massage, so you’ll be more comfortable the way you are”.  Sure enough he pulled two towels out of his bag, and then a sheet which he covered the table with.  “If you’d be more comfortable, I can leave the room while you get situated.  Or I can hold the towel up”.  He demonstrated by holding the towel up to block his view of the table.
    “Ok”, I said shyly.  As he held the towel up I slowly took my towel off, and then the one from my hair.  Completely naked I laid down on the table, face down.  Once I was down her covered my ass with the towel, folding it neatly.  Then he asked, “Are you comfortable?”
    “Yes”, I replied.  The table was warm, the sheet was soft, the towel was soft, and it all felt really nice and relaxing.
    He started by rubbing my back lightly, touching and pushing in various places, feeling for knotted muscles, and then he worked his way down my back to my thighs and calves.  For a minute he even rubbed my feet, and I was starting to really enjoy my first massage.
    “Alright”, he said softly, “I think I know where your tension is now, so we can get started”.  He pulled a bottle of lotion out of his bag, spreading some in his hands to warm it, and then spreading his hands across my back.  It felt amazing, his hands were strong and soft all at the same time.
    I lost track of time as he worked his hands over my back, rubbing all my muscles loose, and then his hands worked down toward my ass.  “I’m going to work your glutes now”, he said.  “If you get uncomfortable just let me know”.  Sure enough his hands started circling around the base of my back, moving the towel slightly lower, and then his hands cupped my ass.
    It made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but it also did actually loosen up some of the muscles in my back.  He kept working on my ass though, rubbing it around in circles, gripping it in his hands, and kneading it.  I’d never had a massage before, so I didn’t know what was appropriate and what wasn’t, and even though it seemed a little over the line, I figured he was the professional and knew what he was doing though.
    And then I was certain that I felt the tip of one of his fingers slide across my asshole.  It was a brief touch, and I wasn’t exactly certain, so I didn’t react.  Then he moved his hands to my thighs and started rubbing them, working his way down.  Soon he was rubbing my feet, which felt amazing, and then he said, “I’m going to do some leg stretches now”.
    Sure enough he started bending my legs, moving them about, crossing them, and gently stretching the muscles.  It wasn’t until now that I realized the towel that had been covering my ass was gone.  Which meant when he was stretching my legs, I was certain that he had a view of my pussy.  If he did, he didn’t say anything though.
    He reached for more oil, grabbing the bottle, but with his hands slick he had a little trouble holding onto it.  Then when he popped the top open, it slipped and oil spilled out all over his shirt.  I gasped, and he said, “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry.  Just a minute”.  Laying there, trying not to expose myself too much, I leaned up and watched as he removed his shirt.
    His muscled chest was glistening with oil, and despite myself I inhaled sharply.  Not wanting to be rude and stare, I turned and laid back down.  “Oh no”, he said exhaling, “It got everywhere”.  I was trying not to look, but I heard a zipper and then what I was pretty sure were his pants coming off.  So I turned my head slightly, and out of the corner of my eye I could see him standing there wearing only tight, black, bikini style briefs.
    There was a huge bulge in the front of them, and he was busy folding up his pants and shirt and setting them on his bag.  Again I inhaled, trying not to think about this amazingly hot, nearly naked man standing next to me, all covered in oil.  Then he started running his hands over his body, massaging the oil in, and spreading it evenly over himself.
    His hands ran down his stomach toward his groin, pausing just above the elastic band of his briefs, and then he looked over at me.  It was so sudden that I didn’t have a chance to look away before he caught me watching him.  Embarrassed I turned away and put my head back down into the little face donut pillow.  I heard him snap the band of his briefs, and then I felt his hands on my back again.
    He rubbed up my shoulders, across my neck, and down my spine.  I couldn’t believe the naughty thoughts I was having about this strange man, in the living room of my own house, surrounded by pictures of my husband.  Suddenly I noticed his body in front of me, from the position I was laying in I could only see his legs, and he was leaning over me to rub my back and neck.
    More than a couple times his body brushed against mine as he hands explored my body.  “I’m going to finish working on your glutes”, he said.  Seconds later his hands returned to my bare ass, rubbing and kneeing.  This time I was certain that I felt one of his fingertips slide across my asshole, it was subtle and quick, but I was certain that’s what it was.  Then I thought, ‘Perhaps that’s just what my mind wants to think’.  But then it happened again, and I knew with certainty that’s what it was.  Despite being upset at this strange man feeling me up, I found the sensation quite arousing.
    It happened a couple more times and I found myself starting to anticipate it, knowing now how he moved and when it would happen.  That was when I realized that my body was starting to move in response to his explorations, that my hips were moving upward slightly to raise my ass, in anticipation of his fingers rubbing my asshole.  I was desperately embarrassed at my body’s betrayal, and hoped that he hadn’t noticed.
    On his next pass though his finger rubbed right pass my asshole and lightly brushed the lips of my pussy.  There was no mistaking it anymore, he was taking advantage of my nakedness to cope some free feels.  I wanted to be upset, but I was only embarrassed.  The next time his fingers passed they touched my pussy lips more firmly and a shiver ran through my body.
    I knew that my body was aroused, only my mind was trying to fight what was happening.  That was when he stopped touching me and said, “Alright Mrs. Wilson, I need you to go ahead and turn over for the next phase of your massage”.
    Hesitantly I thought, ‘Surely he can’t want me to roll over completely naked like this’.  Part of me knew that’s exactly what he wanted me to do, and part of me wanted to.  So I leaned up slightly and turned to look at him.  He was still wearing only his briefs, glistening with oil, smiling down at me.
    When he saw me hesitating he said, “I’m sorry that I’m all out of towels, I had to clean up the spilled oil.  If you’d like I can go get one of your towels for you”.
    Realizing that would be more trouble to explain which towel to use than I really cared for, I said, “No, that’s alright”.  Slowly I rolled over, onto my back, my exposed breasts and pussy there for him to see, blushing a little.
    “Don’t be embarrassed”, he said, “You have a beautiful body, very gorgeous”.  That made me blush more.  “Just relax for this next part”, he finished grabbing up the bottle of lotion and oiling his hands.
    He started on my feet, then my calves, and then my thighs.  Rubbing them gently in turn, loosening the muscles.  I couldn’t help but be embarrassed though, with this strange man looking at me naked, running his hands all over my body.  The thought of it turned me on at the same time, and it made me feel rather ashamed.
    “Mrs. Wilson, you’re tensing up.  What’s wrong?”
    “I’m a little shy is all”, I replied with a half-truth.
    “Don’t be”, he said soothingly, “Here, I can make you feel more comfortable”.  With that he tucked both thumbs inside the waistband of his briefs, and pushed them to the floor.  One small kick and his briefs landed atop his bag, leaving him completely naked.  “Now we’re both naked and there’s nothing for you to be ashamed of”.
    I wasn’t listening to him though, I was staring at his dick.  He was completely shaved, his dick was long and thick, hanging low, with a large head.  The vein running down the side was clearly visible, and I thought, ‘Damned that’s a big dick, and he’s soft!’  He was easily more hung than any man I had personally seen.
    He didn’t say anything, just allowed me to stare as he went back to work, rubbing my arms, hands, and shoulders.  I didn’t want to stare, but I found myself mesmerized by his dick, watching it sway back and forth as his body moved.  Moving back to my legs he was standing beside me, putting his dick about two inches from my arm.  There were a couple of times, as he massaged up and down my thigh that his dick actually brushed against me.  It even twitched once as he came up my thigh, I was certain of it.
    A few minutes later his hands started rubbing my stomach, and that feeling of wetness started to creep back between my legs.  Anticipating what was coming next just made it that much more thrilling when it happened, his hands circled upward and looped around my breasts.  His hands did another circle around, then ran over my breasts once lightly brushing my nipples.  They dipped back down my stomach and briefly passed through the patch of hair above my pussy.
    “You have beautiful breasts”, he told me running his hands over them again.  This time he slightly pinched my nipples between his fingers as he did.  I was in a state of arousal just enough that it caused my nipples to get rock hard, which would be obvious to him.  Turning my head away from him, I shut my eyes, trying not to think about him or how turned on he was making me.  One of his hands continued to massage my breasts, kneading them and playing with my nipples, while I felt his other hand slip back down my stomach.
    I felt it push though my bush of hair, rubbing gently back and forth, slipping a little lower each time.  It was almost as if he was daring me to stop him, to say something, and I found myself both wondering how far he would go and without the willpower to stop him.  Just as his hand was about to make contact with the top of my pussy he pulled it away from my body.
    Actually somewhat upset that he would stop, that he was teasing me, I snapped open my eyes and looked at him.  Some of the spilled oil had started running down his chest, pooling together just above his dick, and starting to run lower.  “Sorry Mrs. Wilson”, he apologized again, “I have to take care of this oil”.
    He took a step back from the table and turned away from me, blocking my view of what his hands were doing with his body, and I said, “Hey now, that’s not fair.  You get to look at me I get to look at you”.  Smiling he turned back around and let me watch as he ran both hands down his hairless chest, pushing the oil together, and then down over his dick.  I lay there and watched, breathing heavier, getting more turned on, as he began to pump both hands up and down the length of his shaft using the oil to make his dick slick.
    Again I was mesmerized, almost helpless, watching this beautiful man jerk his dick just for me.  Rubbing one hand over his balls, the other moistening his shaft.  In less then a minute he was hard, his dick an impossible length and girth.  “There now”, he said still smiling, “With that done we can finish working on you”.
    This time I didn’t take my eyes off him, watching his huge, hard dick bounce before me as his hands returned to rubbing my body.  He tweaked both my nipples at the same time, rubbing my breasts firmly.  When both of my nipples were hard again he returned one hand to my stomach, sliding low through my bush, and then one of his fingers made contact with my pussy lips.
    Another shiver ran through me, both of us smiled, and I knew that this was no longer a massage.  “Just what kind of massage is this?”, I asked.
    His hands paused where they were, “This is the relaxation massage.  Do you want me to stop?”, he asked in return.
    I had to think about it for a minute, I still wasn’t sure how far he was willing to go, and I was very aroused, but I was also very married.  Perhaps this was what they meant by a happy ending massage, perhaps he was just going to use his hands on me, and that wasn’t really cheating on my husband.  With it rationalized like that I told him, “No, please, don’t stop”.
    We both smiled, and his hands resumed their motions, one on my breasts and the other firmly over my pussy rubbing back and forth.  With all the build up I orgasmed instantly when his finger pressed against my clit.  I couldn’t help but moan out loud as my body shivered under his touch.
    He slid a finger inside me easily, the combination of my pussy juice and the oil.  Slowly he pushed deeper, and then back out, before pushing in again.  As he increased his rhythm I started slowly gyrating my hips to meet his exploring hand.
    I didn’t know if it was appropriate or not, and I didn’t care at this point, so I reached up and grabbed his dick as it bounced over me.  Just like his hands, his dick was soft to the touch, but hard as hell.  It was massive, I couldn’t even get my hand all the way around it.  Feeling up and down the shaft, sliding slowly, trying to keep a firm grip on him as he stood over me.
    Another orgasm was slowly approaching when he pushed a second finger inside me.  I gasped and tightened my grip on his massive cock.  As he finger fucked me I jerked his cock, faster and faster.  He moved his hand from my breasts to my pussy, using it to rub my clit.  The combination of both hands working me over was enough, and I came hard.  This time I moaned loudly, pushed up off the table with my hips, and let him work his hands over me without shame.
    When I finished cumming I dropped back down onto the table, breathing heavy, and he said, “Alright Mrs. Wilson, it’s time for the next part of the massage.  Please roll back over onto your stomach”.  Weary, sexual aroused, and curious I rolled over.  He moved to the end of the table behind me and I felt his hands on my thighs.
    He rubbed upward, moving his hands toward my ass slowly, and when he got there one went immediately to my pussy.  I was becoming very sensitive, even the lightest touch sent a shiver through me and made me moan.  With his other hand he rubbed the area below my pussy, working his way to my asshole.  I’d never experienced it before, and I was too scared to really stop him.  Sure enough, he pushed two fingers into my pussy and one into my ass.
    I moved on the table, my body pushing forward slightly, and he asked, “Does that hurt?”
    It didn’t, in fact the opposite, so I said, “No, it feels good”.
    “Have you ever had anal sex before Mrs. Wilson?”
    Shocked that he would be so blunt I didn’t really know what to say or how to react, so I just told him the truth, “No, never”.
    “I need to readjust the table”, he said after a minute of probing me, “So we can move to the last part of the massage”.  I slid forward on the table to give him room, he grabbed my ankles with one hand and held my legs up out of the way.  Then I heard him adjusting and locking thing into place.  When he was done he lowered my legs and said, “Alright Mrs. Wilson, go ahead and slide down just a bit”.
    Wiggling myself I managed to slide down the table, it was now set so that the rear half of the table was almost vertical, the effect had me nearly bent over.  The strange thing was that when I settled into position I felt a large lump right beneath my waist, and as I lay down completely it aligned with my pussy.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was long, hard, and warm with a spongy quality.
    Whatever it was, it was pressing against my sensitive pussy and it felt great.  He put his hands back on my ass, rubbing and kneading it gently.  That was when I felt the lump beneath me move forward, then back, just a little bit.  That was enough for me to figure out what is was though, it was his dick!  He’d laid his hard cock on the table so that when I moved back I was laying on top of it.
    Now I didn’t now what to think, I was dangerously close to cheating on my husband, but his hard dick felt so big beneath me.  I found myself moving my hips back and forth, rubbing my pussy against it, just as he was thrusting with me.  It was unbelievable big, and so thick that it spread my pussy lips as wide as they would go.
    I pushed forward as he pulled back and the head of his dick rubbed against my clit, and I almost came right then.  Our motions became more vigorous, his hands rubbing my ass, hips, and thighs.  One of his hands moved to my asshole again and I felt him slip his thumb inside.  The feeling was amazing, rubbing my clit against his cock as he fingered my ass.
    Then on one of my slides I felt him push down a little bit, it caused his dick to angle up, so that when I pushed back his head penetrated my pussy lips.  I froze, not sure what to do, but he knew what he was doing.  Slowly I felt him push forward, pushing more of himself inside me.  There was nowhere for me to go, I tried pulling myself forward on the table, but the position didn’t afford me an escape.
    Part of me wanted to jump up screaming and run away, but part of me wanted him to push deeper and faster.  When I didn’t resist him, the second part of me won, because he took that as a sign to push himself all the way in.  I moaned louder than I ever had before in my life.  “Ohhh fuck!”  He was huge, bigger than I thought, and he was splitting me wide.  The feeling was amazing, I was tingling in places I didn’t know I had.
    At that point all I could think about was fucking that monster dick.  I started furiously rocking back and forth, but there wasn’t much room for me to move about on the table.  Mostly all I could do was lay there as he started pounding into me, faster and harder then I’d ever had it before.  The size of his dick was unbelievable, I was building to the biggest orgasm of my life.
    I could hear myself moaning loudly, almost screaming, lost in a haze of sexual fury.  His hands gripped the table on either side of me and he leaned forward a bit, pushing himself deeper.  When I started cumming I lost all control of myself, yelling as loud as I could, “Of Fuck!  Oh Fuck!”  And still he pounded me so hard the table shook.  My entire body shuddered as I came and I literally yelled in pleasure.
    When I came down from the high he was still pumping in and out of me, it was amazing.  He could sense that I wasn’t content in that position though because he grabbed my hips and rolled me over onto my side.  I wrapped my knees around him, holding him close, he’d done the whole maneuver without slipping out of me.
    He fucked me like that until I came again, screaming and moaning so loud I was sure the neighbors would hear.  Then he rolled me onto my back and retrieved a pillow, which he placed under my hips.  It was designed perfectly to raise my pussy into the air, so he spread me wide with my ankles on his shoulders.
    It was unbelievable how he could fuck, he never got soft once, and I lost count of my orgasms.  The table folded into perfect positions, and he had a couple pillows which helped.  We fucked for almost an hour, and never once did he slow down his pace.  I’d never cum so much in my life.
    Finally he rolled me onto my back on the table, stood beside me, and jerked his cock until he shot cum all over my chest.  It was warm and nasty, such a turn on, to see his dick spurting for me like that.  When he finished he rubbed his cum into my skin, giving me one last orgasm with his hand.
    All done, he used one of the oil soaked towels to clean himself up a bit.  “Alright Mrs. Wilson I would recommend you take a shower or warm bath now.  Is there anything else you’d like before I leave?”  The only thing I could think was to make another appointment.

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